Freedom of speech

Nowadays it is self-evident that everyone can say whatever they want to, but is that really true?

Free speech emerged in the late 15th and early 16th century. It is the right to articulate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or social sanction.

Personally, I actually never thought of how important the right to speak without restrictions really is. In history free speech has been used to fight for change like women’s rights. It is not only the ability to speak but also to listen to others. Sadly the right for an open mind slowly disappears without us recognizing. Several universities only allow free speech on special places on the campus. Some even forbid words, that might offend one or another student, in speeches. Even in other schools you have a strict language specification. Another problem is also the fear of people saying something wrong. If nobody raises their voice and say something, nothing will change and everyone will believe in thoughts of a few people (e.g. Politicians)

Add.: In Austria freedom of speech was established in 1867. Today it is basically the same as everywhere else. People know that this right exists but in practical nobody really has the “balls” to use it. Every time someone tries to state something or says what is going on in his mind they get criticized by so called “haters” or people who just don’t share their opinion. A good example for teenagers is social media and especially Youtube. For all the kids out there mobbing is NO freedom of speech we use this right to help people but definitely not by hurting them.


To everyone reading this:

Don’t be scared of saying anything wrong, there is no wrong or right, it is your opinion………..  Raise your voice, say what you like and dislike otherwise nothing will change. Believe in your thoughts and don’t always believe what others tell you.



This years best work

About a year ago my whole class started blogging and this semester we even took part in the student blogging challenge. As this school year is almost over here are three of my favorite blog posts……..

1. Lost in space (chapter 1)

In this text I have really but a lot of work in it. (Not that I did not in my other post but in this one I have put a bit more effort in it) Also the topic really interested me so I had a punch of ideas for my story. I was very honored that my group let me write the first chapter because this is probably the hardest to get the interest of the readers.

2. Famine

This text was part of the student blogging challenge week 4. Three years ago my family and I were on holiday in Kenia (Africa). As the fate wanted we met a waiter who used to be an orphan child. He showed us the poorest places and how kids search on the streets for their next meal. Since this vacation my parents are partners of UNICEF and help fight against Hunger in Less economically developed countries. In this subject area I really know a lot and also seen by myself how bad the situations are like.

3. My first driving lesson

I know it might be one of my shortest post ever but this is because it is a drabbel (only 100 words). In german we say “In der Kürze liegt die Würze” what basically means that it does not have to be long to be a good text. It might not be the best post but I really enjoyed writing it and it is kinda funny to think about it when you know this really happened.



Traveling and visiting new places is one of the most important things in life. You get the opportunity to get to know different cultures and languages.

My first vacation was with just 8 months of age. I can not remember a lot which is normal but luckily my parents always make holiday videos from every trip we make. In general my family tends to travel a lot because of my parents work abroad. Usually I fly to another destination at least two times per year. You meet a lot of people and get to know how every day life looks like in other countries. About three years ago I went to Africa for the first time. We went on a Safari as well as stayed in a beautiful hotel. At first it did not seem as bad as it really was. A nice waiter called “Happy” told us his story and how it is to be an orphan child. He also showed us his asylum and some villages outside the tourist areas. Although a few years have passed we are still in contact with the orphan shelter and Happy. When I think of traveling the first thing that comes to my mind are adventures. Does not matter if you travel alone or with your family and friends you will always make great memories and learn new things about yourself.

If I could I would travel as often as possible. My dream is to do a whole world tour for 6 months. I am very tankful for being able to see a lot of different places and meet so many nice people.