Lost in Space

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Kaya`s perspective:

The first thing I remember was waking up in some strange facility which would later turn out to be a spaceship. It was quiet, I was disorientated, my whole body was freezing. I didn`t know where I was nor why I was there. I felt like I had been sleeping for ages but yet I had not aged. I stept out of my pod and immediately started searching for my loyal kitty Micky.

Looking around the corridor which was bathed in red light as I suddenly perceived a loud swearing sound to my right. I ran towards the voice and saw a brawny, masked man who was visibly enraged by Micky going so far as to try and kill him. Although I heard the sound of opening pods, I didn`t hesitate a second and instantly lunged myself at the stranger.

To my suprise he didn`t fall but instead grabbed me by the hand, put it on my back and pressed me to the ground. I screamed out loud which must have attracted the attention of the people from the other pods, as, shortly after, I perceived the sound of foot steps quickly approaching.

Two other strangers came, grabbed me and tried to calm me down. It was a woman and another man. The girl seemed very confident and had the perfect figure and the other two guys were the complete opposite of each other. One was  handsome looking with blond hair and blue (almost ocean like) eyes the only weird thing about him was that he had the same scar on his left cheek as I had whilst the one who tried to kill Micky was tall,trained and I couldn’t see his face because of a black mask which made him very mysterious. After the situation calmed down a bit we started to talk about each other and tried to find the reason why we were here.

The first to open up was the girl, who introduced herself as Rose. Which was sort of fitting because she seemed quite girly. She was an innocent girl which is the opposite of myself because of the masacre that I had inflicted on my parents. Soon after, the masked man followed, he didn´t introduce himself by a proper name and just told us to call him “Ghostface”. It bugged me but after what had just happened I didn´t have the guts to do it. Otherwise though, I suppose he wasn´t too special. The last to introduce himself was Wilhelm who seemed annoyed more than anything else that he was stuck here with us. But that´s just an assumption of mine as he didn´t really talk at all.

Following  the introductions a strange silence filled the room again. I realised how tired I really was and so suggested that we went to sleep before anything stupid happens again.The others agreed and so we went back into our pods and tried to get some sleep. Little did we know what was to come….

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  1. You managed to write an interesting start. Your style is intruiging, if inconsistent at times. There are parts that sound solely descriptive and parts that play out from the character’s inner eye. The transition between both styles feels a bit bumpy at times.

    Please ax one of the “perceive”s in the text and think about the logic within the part shortly before the introductions. If you’re on the floor, arm on your back and two people hold you down, how can you see the color of their eyes or scars and the like?
    Finally I think you might want to write “talk to” instead of “talk about” at the end of the 4th paragraph.

  2. This was a really good post! I really liked this. This was interesting and the style was really good.

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