Studying abroad

At the beginning of June my whole class took part at the FCE to see on which english level we are. Of course we did some practice and this text was one of it……


This year a study showed that more and more teenagers are leaving their homes to study abroad. But is it necessary and do you really benefit from it?

The reasons why most young people do an exchange year are probably for the experiences, being on your own and improving the language skills. Not every country has the same school system which means that you could miss important knowledge that you will need for your school back home, although you will probably be excellent in the foreign language. Studying abroad also mean that you leave your family and friends behind and start living a bit on your own even if you have a host family. There are a lot of responsibilities and tasks you will have to manage. It will also be hard the first week to find the connection to your new colleagues because they do not know you. Even though the social bonds you will make there will never get lost and you have a wide range of friends that could benefit you in the future.

In my opinion not everybody should do an exchange year. I also considered to do it but then I thought about my school situation and how to manage being without my family and friends and had to pass. If you have the opportunity to do it and really but a lot of thoughts in it you should totally do it. No matter which choice you make I do not think that you will miss something!

New media – curse or blessing?

For this post I let my Dad take over my blog. He decided to write about a topic that kept him busy for months now…….


A recently published study in the United States revealed, that prisoners spend more time in the nature, than an average child in the western world. The reasons are the enormous uncontrolled uses of the internet, cellular phones and television. But can we accept this outcome as the only truth?
In my opinion definitely not. The problem rather is, that we as parents have, because of economical necessaries, less time to spend with our children. But even if some parents have time, such as in the holidays, I often observe, that they themselves offer handys or laptops in order to make them calm. And if you look how much time you yourself spend with new media, how should they learn a useful converse?
So what could be the solution? Ban the handys, the computers or the televisions? It is not possible, because it is already a part of our lifestyle. We could rethink our behavior using all these media. Finding fixed times when we use them could be a great start as well as restricting the total time of the children’s use.
Because we as parents have a big responsibility for our children, we should be the first to change our behavior and be them a good role model. Than we will have the right and permission to argue about a change in using all these sources to be useful media.